A key component of Opus Land’s funding is that which it draws upon through Palmer Capital, thereby providing a substantial “in-house” funding resource. Opus Land enjoys access to Palmer Capital’s centralised framework providing support in financial & legal expertise, assistance with structuring deals, sourcing finance and advising with negotiations and management matters in return for a minority shareholding in Opus Land.

Palmer Capital, in turn sources capital either from its institutional funds or segregated account relationships from around the world thereby offering a wide variety of funding source.


The existing funding available to us is as follows:




Joint Venture Partners Opus benefits from long running partnerships with a number of institutions, high net worth individuals and offshore investors. These relationships enable us to fund deals outside of the Palmer Capital fund mandates and enables us to fund deals up to £100m.

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Grant Aid


Opus Land has a track record of working in partnership with the government in respect of grant aid funding on specific projects.  We are therefore able to help occupiers source this type  of funding in the event that this is of interest.


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Balance Sheet Capital

Opus Land and Palmer Capital have balance sheet capital which is deployed on smaller trading opportunities up to £3 million.

Further information regarding Palmer Capital and the funds

available to us can be found at

We are consistently evolving our funding relationships and would be

delighted to hear from you should you be interested in working with us.

Opus Land is pleased to support:

"Taking occupancy of a newly built premises is not always easy, with various minor problems that everyone experiences, I found that Opus Land reacted very efficiently and professionally"

Charles Grose